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Uncover Your Biological Age and Re Shape Your Wellness

Your reproductive era is that the age in that the body is forecast to work out. Put it to use to see if different changes and producing life style can impact how you era in the future.

The Way Index Functions

Step 1 ):

Get Index and we're going to ship it to you in 24-48 hrs. Just ship a spit sample straight back again to us As soon as that is received by you box.


Measure Two:

Our scientists will analyze your epigenome within our laboratory employing a DNA methylation As we receive your sample.

Measure 3:

Within 46 weeks, you'll obtain an electronic report with healthful guidelines and your age.

Index's Science

Index is actually a breakthrough in the sphere of aging. This test was developed by us with all the aid of Check out this site custom array-based technology and scientists.

My favorite novels are also The Berlin Tales along with Groundbreaking Road. They helped make me the man I am now.

Index is driven with the Elysium processor, formulated with the help of the leader in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies. This technology allows us to create high ranking investigation into the rates.

We are currently exploring applications for the Index platform our aim is to give , health advice that are customized that are unprecedented to help you live better for.

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Your age is that the age in that the own body is predicted to function. Use it in order to observe if also other changes and producing lifestyle may impact how you era in the future.